We (Guillemette Legrand and Eva Jäger aka Legrand Jäger) research applications of emerging computation/information/analysis/predictive technologies (i.e. emotional recognition, movement recognition, natural language processing, etc.) in order to understand how they form belief systems. It’s our goal to work with and through all the materials of these technologies—datasets, machine learning algorithms, the open-source infrastructure that supports machine learning, their interface design and hardware—we also look to how these technologies emerge from art and science through business or national strategic funding and take shape through patenting, prototyping and deployment. Technologies are often narrativised and so those stories become part of the material of the technology whether those are conspiracies, adverts or cautionary tales.

Using these materials, our presentations aim to diagram these belief systems through tech-integrated performance, object design, installations and film. The ‘networked ear’ and the ‘machine gaze’ have been a focus of our work including a generated Brexit policy speech performed by a Boris Johnson impersonator, a voice emotional recognition karaoke booth and a program capable of predicting the curves produced by a gymnast’s ribbon apparatus.


Stimulerings Talent Development grant recipients and EXPAND(ed) residents at CAS CO Belgium