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During the video, Amelie Apple’s french female voice can be heard narrating.

Amelie’s Script:

Good morning!

It’s time to start the day. Coffee is brewing.

It’s sixe eille M -

Average temperatures of fiftinne digrize

stille Ouidz and clear skaille

full physical visibility.

Starting morning routine.

You have a full day. Aille can confirm five appoillmenthe in your calendar - click here to vyou.

Reminders to.

Call Filip

RSVP to Nicola’s wedding

Baille Jack a beurthdeille guifte

Starting morning exerzaillsse.

Your form az improuvd since lasse time.

Well done.

Your time remeillnz.

the sayme.

you can consume four hundred caloriz

Torning onne the morning news.

You are wronning low on washing up li qouide - click here to ri. ordeurre

Switching to ‘morning meille cup’ tutauriol.

The video fitcheurde the prodeuct: ‘full cauvouaidje fandècheune in khaki’

click here to or der the same one

You are olmost.


faillnal step - Practice morning meilleditaycheune


saillkeul complite

If you liv nao. your I.Ti Eille is sèveune eille M

calculailltigue djournille - teurn. lefte

walk for fifty miteurz.