• Deep Digital Twin: Le Confident

    Arles, Luma

  • Mixed Media Object


The Deep Ditial Twin: Le Confident shape is designed based on the 'Le Confident' chair, an archetypal design object, originally from XIX century, that uniquely embodies communication. Often thought of as a seat for gossip, its sitters are uniquely positioned for intimate conversation. In our recalibrated version of the seat, the culture of quantification and gamification informs the object’s design both stylistically and functionally. Based on the aesthetics of gaming seat consoles, a custom facial emotion recognition (FER) software interface sits between the conversation partners, monitoring emotional feedback, live, during their exchange. Only seven human emotions are universally identified by such devices, enough for efficient profiling according to specialist.

A special thanks to Hayung-Ok Park for production and Adjmal Sarwary from Mind Trace for customising his emotion tracking software.

In 2016, Facebook launched Masks, an augmented reality mask which allowed users to apply in live and still imagery. Facebook has also been creating thematic masks for brands as a revenue stream. In 2018 the brand filed a patent for Dynamic Mask Application. This ‘smart’ Mask, if you will, reads the users face for emotional data and determines as mask that fits that users current emotional state. This product has not yet launched and the patent is pending.