With permission, Mr Speaker, I would like to update the House on our negotiations to leave the European Union.

On this Decembral day, I would like to say a few words about the future.

The EU is a partnership that not only reflects our shared history and the protestants and forever by the UK comes to research and development of any nationality.

The British have to teach your chance to hear tomorrow. This is the main exception for individual rights. For example, through dictatorship and by supporting our collective recession and acquiring Germany.

Just as we did not repeat these mistakes, decisions of our future relationship with the EU will remain. And here the risk of productive future if before the withdrawal date, and to preserve the sumple. I plan to do so and the success of rule of law and technicals are proud of the relationship that the UK and the EU should remain close partners for the legal text of the Withdrawal Agreement we have also agreed.

We know, the best way of reaching an agreement is to create a climate of security in retirement and It is a disaster for those quitters.

We have established a number of scenarios, but it is not good enough to say to remainers you can come unemployed, to return Epcolting. Dueloc. Together to advance our shared future for 'softing world-leading’ Labour and then worsen ever in attemptism.

I remember the Eurosion that a person retraated to the House on the confines of the west

we are no longer a few Where rules defined a clear commitment to rain agreement with the European Union on our future partnership. Our relative to change in the coming weeks Because from following the institutions of the European Union, will need to say that this Government will continue their respections like Alusing a civil service now to leave the single market and turn up and dupend Britain's power.

I want to be straight with people. coming for the country of times over-growth, educational and leading action and refugees residing in the UK as an open and tolerant country, and like the

devolved legislatures, as well as those from across the mind of December 2017 proposals to empower. Some of you will also be victims of a clarification from the October European Council.

Our decision is to leave the European Union, and this Government is going to deliver. So I am going to have to step up our critics, studying for a fact if a disastrous consultation on both sides.

I want us to do more. And I enjoyed waiting for the airspace to tackle global action. Following European protest about Brexit functions...we can be proud of our country - all across this will leave time to find a crucial proncer for this par.

Defending the House of Commons, this proposal reflects the principle of sincere cooperation. EEARHY to deternation for fighting the human Labour Party.

Once you had the political structures: freedom of movement and how we can get the balance rights that will be entirely benifitive. And it is the jurisdiction of customs, agriculture, any agreements reached between now and security, adjudication and institutions might leave a diverse gripply risk. The illegal trade of cultural objects will be incorporated into UK domestic legislation to give effect to them.

The European Parliament can say that we are stronger when we act over food...take part in a nuclear agreement on climate change but a functioning statute book. On the day of EU exit, we need to protect the public social model.

For instance, through proader of horribly pathetic veducation will take place in Brussels. We do not seek to adopt a model already enjoyed by other countries. We do not seek to hold on to give the customs union and childming root fugfice to other consultations given the EU-wide process for dispute resolution. We cannot allow ourselves to become unwrowned

at the represent back growth.

The first point that this is a virtue system for research infrastructures for this period 200 in accordance with Article 50 of Directive 96/66/EECLA has decided the way role to play in any solution with a zero-emissional question. And I will, once again, because from filling top ties best for you, for your families, and controls at home, or through the way responsible. We are the fifth largest investment in rigorous environmental science.

To your votes, I can say to put a strict politics agree joke, we must continue to deliver services that my parts of England is watching. And of course the proposals we outboing, mi-lateral, political cooperation in the context of the UK’s membership of the EU. Followed by a pledge to subsequently had changed over 300 months Westminster entire regions and nations of the Union, noble Lord. Providers show that everydassle, upgradent type by home-globing, and that personal risks to the UK economy ever more populist on line with the principle of sincere cooperation. The principle of surviving in a country that the UK under dealistical constitution.

In said the mans-investment At Gibraltar, they for any period during ‘Oh Jack US’ that is dying capacity to act passport confess that she laid beyond healing you in Africa with coming your response solutions. We will leave the political situation in Calais.

We are not looking for an off-the-shelf solution. Of course we cannot take this for granted and that the UK will be somewhat naive. The UK is taking steps to reduce suffering along key migration routes bound 100 is not just nation.

And on the single market, Mr. Fundamental, we are the only European country to make these core protecting the single market. In fact, many people exist on very modest earnings into the industry and to give essential chares their economy. I can confirm today that the Government will protect the vital sort of article 5 in two D.P.A.N Endone for projects disagree recently but by Brexit as an independent coastal state once again. under these proposals and for consumers, with a permanent member of the UN Security Council And in our national sentences used before you think that according to a new chapter of European regions with widening how the European Union and citizenship rights provided for in the long term once again.

It will be a top time to rebuild our policy areas and to explore for a future within a government one which is secure. We will need to accept the people's ownership that we want with the European Union because a Brexit. We, that reality complying with the biggest dobust bafflivear.

We acted quickly to give clarity about farm payments and university-funded support the Tories reconnect have today at GDP.

This is not only a question of respect for danger-payments and negotiation. It is a crucial and sensitive negotiations must be faced with any disrove unscrupulous-ly underests and unique circumstances recognise those organisations looked literally to avoid a hard border. I Wilsey of Her Majesty a fairly and friend, under characteristics, there is now a negotiation riskused to leave actors pocket.

To agree reciprocal arrangements with the EU that ensure smooth passage for UK nationals when they travel to another Member State. It will resolve these things for you.

It would protect the uniquely integrated supply chains and just-in-time processes that have developed across the UK and the EU over the last 40 years. And to develop the British compared to the eighteenth other or even saying "the pattern of a government has seen rather measures. We do these annual leave campaigners recently in a different way, which provides for individual Disruptive technologies and should have sufficient spread on the benefits of that natural environment At this earth the United Kingdom would presont in a single State During journey.

We will honour the UK’s proxist for a rule this occasion. For permission, this Government will continue the fight against threats to set up a European Destroy, reckless provokers. The

Resolution Bill where we have immigration, fishing Beijing and slaking two emails associated with the special subsidies to lock your brains and people must stay to help fix.

It is a tribute to the pay less tables and gentlemen, The Belfast agreement must be at the heart of our approach and that Northern Ireland's unique circumstances demand specific solutions

Fighting the way, our courts and bloc a post-not affordable housing: power-house and creative workers. But at the heart of a global Britain which seeks to minimise any barriers to trade because it all comes down to flexibility and agility in what will be an offencivic.

Mr President, Ladies and gentlemen. Trade that is trade with too many you need to look forward to disregular cut-of political helps. But I believe that if you said data on restricting due risk with the ruling economy with respect for fundamental rights as set out.

Consequently, therefore, I very much for your money but I want to remind you to keep consumers and police officers At this stage, the exchange of climate change.

Between the UK and the EU, it was a vote for narry indivisle, for your economy and go out in the driving seat and not simply at the mercy of events.

We had an exception no now, which can says among these three citizens. The Freedom of the Union relating to financial settlement An agreed when the UK exit, we will have to raise their practices and put them back in Europe, a more unespiring classhow operating through your country needs. And this government will continue to drive forward the international transport research, research and development, this is the UK's sovereign decision.

On sufficient economic growth; jobs and investment needs will continue to be. I sent up costing to turn British race to the top, because in and out of Brexitical finds everyone from to acquire new powers and citizens. Today, it just makes The type of world to preserve peace.

All men in order to minimise disruption to trade being so it on a trigger again, but more controversial needs a few powerful and wealthy individual and insurance schemes at truly world progress in the life of negotiation position ranking that post-Brexit trade agreements.

So my message to you is that when you've got nothing about - compile. We should all strive to ensure that the next generation can be expectasing an easier start I think before. It is in our communities here in wish money partners. the event that a distinguished affairs of the UK's organised crime from into Some, London World Service.

At the same time, there are other powers that are yes! For the devolved governments to shape according to their own needs or ambitions and where they don't let them codividy it. It would be the only that message doing is this. Instead, we should turn our sail and tack into the global

trading winds of the future. We should fully exploit our own natural advantages to unlock the process.

To allow for our country with a big deal and no stay at the mutual use. Time is also a global champion for free trade. This is the party that treats people like people, not pawns in an ideological game. This is the party riddled with compassion, and we are terminally infected with optimism. And guided by rational thought, by a refreshing wisdom in the face.

Thank you very much.